2013: The Year of Being Fearless

The other day, Amanda, at Run to the Finish posted an article, Can One Word Change Your Year? about using one word as your New Year’s theme or resolution. I read the article and liked everything she had to say but I didn’t really think I could boil my resolution to one word. I already had my New Years post drafted and was putting the finishing touches on it. But I couldn’t stop thinking about my list. And the post. My list. And the post.

I thought about how the “resolutions” (i.e. goals) are the same ones I’ve had for over ten years. The same goals I’ve had since I was thirty. The same goals that swirl in my head. Never changing. Never going away. But never acted upon. Then it hit me in the shower this morning. The same place where Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Jack LaLanne got all of their best ideas. Okay, there’s no proof of that but I’m quite confident it’s true. What am I afraid of?

What if I were…


So instead of posting a super long list, the list I have memorized, I’m going to focus on one thing only. Focus on being fearless.

Small Talk

What is your one word this year? 

Today’s Workout:

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

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