50 Ways to Fight the Obesity Epidemic

On Friday we discussed how I discovered that being a personal trainer/Zumba instructor did not bring me personal satisfaction. However, it does not deter me from my passion for helping others live a healthy life. Besides being a Pilates Instructor, which I still love and adore, there has to be other ways for me to do this.

When you are looking for ways to really make a change, looking to inspire,  a good way to do this is to make a list. It doesn’t matter if the idea is good or bad, if you can take action on it right now, or if it needs a little work to really nail it down. Put it on the list. Here is the thing, make sure the list gets to 50. Anyone can come up with 10 ideas for something but 50 really makes you think outside of the box.

Some of these ideas are perhaps just blog post ideas, some require me to take some sort of action, and some I’m not even sure how, or if, I’ll do. Am I afraid you’ll take these ideas and use them for yourself on your own blog? No, not really. Have at it. We all have different perspectives and if you need 50 ideas for your blog then totally have some fun. It’s all good. It’s just an idea.

  1. Be an example
  2. Fitness Nutrition Coach Training
  3. Lifestyle and Weight Management Training
  4. Fit food swaps
  5. Monthly Pilates printable workouts
  6. Portion size tutorials
  7. Fitness research
  8. Health research
  9. Diet analysis
  10. Skinny on the inside discussions
  11. Don’t use food as comfort
  12. Get involved with kids/grand kids/family in ways that take the focus off food
  13. Only eat when hungry, stop when full.
  14. Put the focus on healthy living, not weight
  15. Find things to do besides watch tv
  16. Monthly healthy living calendar
  17. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  18. Focus on more of a Mediterranean diet
  19. Pay attention to blood sugar level
  20. Read food labels
  21. Find out what things mean on the food label
  22. Eat high fiber foods
  23. Reduce/eliminate sugars
  24. Stop eating processed foods
  25. Become a LCSW
  26. Run a weight loss support group
  27. Write a healthy living e book
  28. Research obesity related diseases
  29. Increase self-esteem
  30. Increase self-awareness
  31. Reduce stress
  32. Talk to local politicians to see what they are doing
  33. Talk to local doctors, therapists, hospitals to find out about programs
  34. Sponsor a weight loss challenge
  35. Organize a 5K
  36. Organize a walking group
  37. Discuss eating healthy on a budget
  38. Determine best choices when eating out
  39. Encourage small changes
  40. Promote moderation
  41. Educate on how to shop at the supermarket
  42. Buy more locally grown produce
  43. Help get junk foods out of school
  44. Design commercial workouts
  45. Develop chair workouts
  46. How to workout around injuries
  47. How to talk to your doctor about your weight
  48. Utilizing diet buddies
  49. How pets can help with weight loss
  50. Do talks at health fairs, blog conferences, etc.
These are some of thee ideas swirling in my head. I want to help, I love to health. I love living healthy. In moderation.
Small Talk:
Do you make lists? How are you taking action on your passion? Would you like to see any of these ideas on the blog? 

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