Loving Lately: February 2014

Oh, I’ve been loving lately a lot of things. They feel a bit materialistic but it is what it is. Perhaps sharing some of them with you will give you some insight into me. Or just confirm what you’ve always thought — I’m slightly crazy with a bit of ADD. I won’t deny it. If there’s one thing you know about me by now, it’s that I’ll admit my shortcomings.

#loving #lately February 2014 edition

Lately I’m loving my new camera. You may recall that I was saving up for a free camera. Free is my favorite price. However, after all the calculations it was determined by my accountant husband that it would take over a year to get enough points for that. I can’t wait that long (impatience — a shortcoming).

I found a camera that I thought would fit my needs on sale (my second favorite price) at Walmart. I’m not ready for a DSLR because I want to improve my basic photography skills first so I got this Fuji FinPix S4830 at Walmart. I actually did not get the bundle that I linked to but got the camera a little cheaper because I took the display model. Now I have one of the Epiphanie Camera Bag’s that Michelle told us all about on my wish list. It will need to be pink. And I’m sure it will be awesome. 

#loving #lately February 2014

My first issue of Oxygen came in the mail today! Every day I’d call my husband and ask if it came in yet. Finally it shows up! I’m not allowing myself to read it until I catch up on some blogging. Torture! Oh, and yes, it was a free subscription. It’s pretty awesome that Nicole Wilkins is on the cover.

#loving #lately February 2014 edition

I received my winnings from 5 by the 5th. Honestly, I thought it was a “box of Kind bars.” You know, a box. I buy them at Walmart and they come four to a box. I was excited because they are Kind bars and it would save me five bucks but it was more like an “eh” level of excitement. Yesterday my “box” of Kind bars came in. Not only was it six boxes but they are 12 packs of the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate. My favorite! That’s over a $100 worth of Kind bars. I want to spread them all over my bed and roll on them like money. In the wrapper, of course.

#loving #lately February 2014

I may not have been clear with you in the past about my makeup and beauty product fetish. It’s not as bad as it used to be, I’m now down to a train case (pink of course), two bathroom drawers, and half of bathroom cabinet filled with these items. This weekend I went to Ulta which recently opened one town over. I told Jason I wasn’t going to buy anything and that I’d be super good but when I walked in they had a big display stating that if I spent $20 in Ulta products, I’d get $88 worth of beauty products free (pictured above). Yes, please.

bhg blue and green #loving #lately February 2014

I’ve always decorated my house with the color green. I love the sense of having the outdoors in. However, I’ve not been on the blue and green team and have even said that I’d absolutely never do that. Then the March issue of Better Homes & Gardens came in the mail and I fell in love with this decorating style (which is very close to my own) and color scheme. I’m seeing green and blue in my future.

  •  What are you loving lately?
  • Blue and green, yeah or nay?
  • What’s your favorite magazine?
  • Any good photography tips?

32 thoughts on “Loving Lately: February 2014

  1. susan @ suddenlysusan.com

    I really love kind bars as well. And um, that brown eyeshadow palette is awesome! I might need to go there. I haven’t had a good makeup splurge in a while… tempting :) I’m on a big lotion kick. Probably because of the weather, but I’m hoarding lotion and trying new kinds and scents like nobodies business. However, I have found I’m really loving Nivea Express hydration! YES to blue and green!!!!
    susan @ suddenlysusan.com recently posted…Review + Giveaway: Taffy ActivewearMy Profile

  2. Kim

    So glad you got a great deal on a new camera! Yes, to a pink camera bag!!!
    I love Oxygen magazine – need to pick up the new issue (I don’t tend to subscribe to any these days because it seemed like every 6-8 months they were trying to get me to renew my year subscription.)
    I was loving some nice weather but today has put a small damper on that!!!
    Kim recently posted…A Happy HeartMy Profile

  3. Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

    Awesome winning that Oxygen magazine subscription. My favorite is Black Enterprise and since I started blogging I kind of love SHAPE. Your camera is nice, I saw it on IG! I have trouble with the inconvenience of it all. I end up using my cell phone, which SUCKS! Can’t wait to get a new one! I had committed to using my real camera more this year, it’s not going so well.
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…I Love BODYPUMP, but It’s Just Not EnoughMy Profile

  4. Brittnei

    So sorry it seems like a century since I’ve been by. I love your new blog header and buttons to match! :) My favorite price is also free so I totally get what you are saying. Since we’ve had financial struggle I have learned to really get a bargain for some things. I’m still learning though for sure. My husband said one day he would want me to get a camera like a DSLR but like you I would want to learn some basic real photography skills first lol.
    Brittnei recently posted…“Everything in moderation?”My Profile

    1. Carla Post author

      Yes, DSLRs are so expensive! Even if I have the money I’d feel wasteful since I don’t have those skills yet.

      Thanks for the compliment on the blog change!

  5. Marcia

    Where did you get a free subscription to OXY? I haven’t read it in years but would love to. I love blue and green together. I haven’t redecorated since we moved in 13 years ago. We’re in dire need of a sofa…but that won’t happen as long as we have these dogs.
    I am a makeup/beauty product hoarder as well. I fill old running shoe boxes with it. I’m sure I have enough for 3 lifetimes. I’ve banished myself from Ulta.
    Marcia recently posted…Larabar GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Carla Post author

      I belong to something called Mercury Magazines. Every once in a while a notice will pop into my email box stating that I’m eligible for a free subscription to something. If it’s something I want (like Oxygen) I have to respond asap or it will get taken up. Luckily I was quick on this one.

      I think I will start back to redecorating once I can take down the for sale sign. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m no longer thrilled with the idea of selling my house.

    1. Carla Post author

      I haven’t tried all the samples yet, I’m weird like that. But I got two brushes which I love and are really good for only $8 each and also a white eye pencil which is fab. Although it’s a fat one and I totally forgot that I don’t have a sharpener for it. I guess I’ll have to go back. LOL

  6. Jane Springfield

    Nice camera =D and isn’t it always awesome to get one good deal after another?

    I am lovin’ my new yoga classes, chobani yogurt with honey and homemade trail mix haha!

    Green and blue are great color combos, very relaxing, natural and soothing.

    As far as magazines go, the gym has some sort of “Shape” magazine that’s free for it’s members so I grab one of those when I see them on the rack.
    Jane Springfield recently posted…Gym Days 24-29My Profile

  7. Ilene

    LOVE your new blog header. That’s #1. And I think one of those Epiphanie camera bags would be perfect for your new camera! Yes! And I love makeup too. Do you have a Birchbox subscription? it’s my $10.00 guilty pleasure every month. Tons of skincare and makeup samples in the mail. it’s the best treat ever.
    Ilene recently posted…A Modern Family ValentineMy Profile

    1. Carla Post author

      Thanks, Ilene! I do not have a Birchbox subscription but I’m looking it up right now. $10.00 is on the lower end for a subscription.

    1. Carla Post author

      You can get them at Walmart, Jennifer! They are so awesome and good and better for you than a candy bar. All natural, gluten free, and all the other good stuff.

  8. Kita

    I think I am the only person who gets magazines on my tablet I hate getting actual magazines now for some reason. Yay to your new camera too. My tip is to just snap away you never know what you will capture. I hate telling people to pose I tell them to act natural and I snap away.
    Kita recently posted…AncestryMy Profile

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