Fab Abs: Muscle-Burning Pilates Ab Workout

There are only a few weeks left this year to be fearless. So I did it. I created my very first public  video.  It’s had an entire six views (two of which are mine). But since I don’t advertise having a YouTube channel I suppose that’s to be expected. Perhaps, this will be the catalyst to make me a wildly famous YouTube sensation. LOL!

While it isn’t Blogilates worthy and a little longer than I wanted, it is a good solid abtastic workout. Abtastic, abtastic, our abs they are fantastic!

Fab Abs: Muscle-Burning #Pilates Ab #Workout. #Video on site. Full 15 min! It's great for all levels! #fitness

The towel (hand towel, a beach towel would be a little too much here) is used to create stability, provide resistance, and to modify if you need a little assistance. I really like using a towel because in Pilates your neck can get quite tired so it’s a nice way to keep you going and rest your neck.

Another reason I love Pilates? You can do it in your jammies. No one will know. You get bonus point if they are cat pajamas. Do you own cat PJs? I need a pair.

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