The Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Above the Cabinets


This is the first weekend where my mom has lived close. I took her to Walmart because she doesn’t really like to drive. I also found out that I do know what I’m doing in regards to decorating. I had arranged her furniture and things last weekend and I don’t think it is what she had envisioned. A family friend, Staci, came over and told her how well put together everything was. You’re welcome! :)

moms apartment

On Sunday after I spent some time with Izzy and Jessi (and my mom), I came home and became obsessed with the tops of my kitchen cabinets. Even though I rarely see them (the tops of my cabinets — not my family) I have been working on decorating and when I climb up there and look at the top of them it is gross. Not a little gross. A lot gross.


At first I thought a good dusting would work. Wrong. It’s actually dust mixed with grease up there. It makes a nice little paste for you. Yeah, right? Then I tried a rag and some Pinesol. It cuts grease, right? Sure but not when it’s like this. Finally I used a scrub brush and some Scott’s Liquid Gold. This did the trick.

Now I don’t want to keep going through this every few months. It’s more exercise than HIIT. To solve that problem I used wax paper (or parchment paper, whatever you want to call it) torn to the length of my cabinet. Set it up there and now I only have to change it out every few months. On one hand I won’t get the great arm muscles from scrubbing on the other my neighbors won’t hear me screaming at my cabinetry.

Now the last problem is that I have crown molding on my cabinets and I can’t really see my stuff. Then I read an old post on Thrifty Decor Chick that to prop up my decorations with old books. Genius! Sure the donations to the library slow down by my house looks so much better.


I’m not done because I need to work on getting more things in the color scheme (and finish cleaning the other cabinets) I’m going for — green and purple. While there is no purple incorporated in it, I do think that my Mud Pie Round Cupcake Platter is perfect in the corner.

Now you know what I did this weekend…and hopefully found something that’s helpful in here.

  • How was your weekend?
  • How do you decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets?

18 thoughts on “The Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Kita Bryant

    I see people put flowers and things up there and I wonder how on earth did they even think to decorate but I think it’s a missed opp for some cute decor especially if the rest of your kitchen is decorated mines sadly is not but one day lol

    1. Carla Post author

      I got the platter for free with Hilton Honors Points so that makes me love it more!

      I didn’t take a picture of it but I keep a few Santa’s out year round…just cuz I love Santa. There’s one on top of some other kitchen cabinets.

    1. Carla Post author

      She does every once in awhile. Sometimes she uses her real name. Trust me…I’ve never seen filth like that. I still have to finish it this weekend. It’s kind of a big job.

    1. Carla Post author

      It’s as good as place as any to put them! I bought (i.e., got for free with points) a kitchen island because I needed more space. And I have two pantries in my kitchen. I’m pretty sure that plastic wear takes up all the behind the door spots.

  2. Chastity

    The wax paper is a great idea! We are renters for now, but I never pay attention the top of our cabinets except for when we move-in or out. All of my cute decorations are sitting in storage tubs in my garage. It’s too much of a pain to pack and unpack those items.

    Have a great week, Carla!
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  3. Nina

    So creative! My cabinets actually reach all the way to the ceiling so there’s no place to decorate. I do know what you mean about the dust though. The top of my fridge is pretty filthy. We end up putting cereal boxes there but the ones in the back need to be dusted. And yes, total arm exercise! Not to mention balancing on something to even see the darn thing!
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    1. Carla Post author

      But you also don’t have to clean up there either! I say that’s a win. I’ve had the dusty cereal boxes before. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Yep. There’s some core work in there too. LOL


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