Do You Know Your #EveryMove?

I have to be honest, sometimes all the apps get on my nerves. There’s this one to track runs and this one for food and this one for weightlifting and this one and this one and this one. I’m actually trying to decrease my amount of apps. I mean, who really has time to enter all that info into all the different apps. But what if I told you that you could get an app that requires minimal work and rewards you for your #Everymove? Hmmm….intrigued, right?

Do you know your #EveryMove? #SweatPink

So what is EveryMove all about? EveryMove is all about getting millions of Americans to move and rewarding them for doing so! You join the community, link up whatever tracking device you already use, and you earn points for active days. The EveryMove  system (patent-pending) translates hundreds of different physical activities into a common metric, this allows you to sync different tracking devices and workouts and interact with friends. What that means is lifters can interact with runners and runners can interact with yogis and…

What I love is that I don’t have to do anything extra. I can just sync the apps I already use into EveryMove. And honestly, it syncs automatically so sometimes I’ll be going along and I’ll get a notification that I earned an active day or a very active day and I did absolutely nothing.  I have FitBit, Nike+, MapMyFitness, Facebook, and Twitter all connected. And I earned a badge for that!

Do you know your #EveryMove? #SweatPink

You can connect with your friends and cheer them on. You can even spread the love when you earn an active day or a very active day and it doesn’t even take away from you. Why does this matter? Because you’re all earning points to get rewards. Usually in the form of deep discounts. You can also donate to charity, which is what I’m doing right now. When you donate a point there’s a badge for that. I’m a badge whore.

Do you know your #EveryMove? #SweatPink

You can earn points for whatever you do, running, yoga, Pilates, walking. You can even earn points for doing things around your house or walking your dog. There is an “around the house” badge. I doubt I’ll ever earn that. LOL

If you’re going to move anyway, why not track your EveryMove and earn rewards?

You can find EveryMove here (oh, and don’t forget to friend me so I can share my active days with you!):     Facebook     Twitter     iPhone     Android

I learned about EveryMove from SweatPink. I was awarded with fun having. All workouts are my own.


Why I’m Training With a Heart Rate Monitor

You may have seen the pictures of my pretty heart rate monitor on Instagram or Facebook. I get asked what kind it is quite often. It’s a Polar FT60. It tells me things like how many calories I’m burning, what heart rate zone I’m in and sometimes it tells me I’m doing a good job (other times not so much). But why wear it if all I’m going to do is take pictures of it to post to IG? After much thought and debate, I finally decided that what’s best for me is training with a heart rate monitor.

Training with a Heart Rate Monitor

I’m sure you’re wondering why when all the advice has been to go by feel. My reasons for doing this: 1) I have a high tolerance for pain and I push myself too hard because of that 2) due to my high blood pressure and the high incidence of heart disease in my family it just makes me more comfortable and 3) I need to be able to sustain running (I don’t care about the pace now) for 13.1 miles.

My mom tells stories of when I was a kid and I’d climb in her lap with extremely high fevers and severe ear infections without a single complaint. I had Lucas totally natural without so much as an aspirin and except for the last 20 minutes it felt like nothing more than an irritant. The day after my hysterectomy, which I was supposed to have a three-day hospital stay ,I felt perfectly fine and convinced the doctor to let me go home. And those are just a few examples of my ability to block out pain. It kind of comes natural to me. Because I have such jacked up pain sensors for all I know my heart could be screaming out in agony asking for me to back off. I could fall to the ground long before I’d notice any pain or tightness in my chest.

My heart rate monitor provides me with a more accurate measure of how hard my heart is working. I’m not going to know that. I’m way to new at this. I don’t want to put strain on my heart and if the heart rate is too high then it’s straining. Additionally, if I’m hitting high heart rates at 3 and 4 miles, I’m going to poop out way before mile 10. Much less 13.1. My understanding is this is pretty common for newbie runners. We want to do our best so we push and push and push. But if you’re going for endurance then you need to make sure that you’re not doing all the pushing at the beginning of a major race. While there’s no shame in walking, my goal is to keep a slower consistent pace and hopefully run all the way to the finish line. And perhaps use the energy reserves I might have stored up for a push at the end. That’s my goal. 

Since I’m racing to finish, not to win and to improve my heart health the heart rate monitor gives me some comfort that I’m training in an appropriate way for me. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes I’ve looked at it and realized I’m slacking off so I’m able to pick up the pace. I have my number that I want to stay at and that’s what I’ve been aiming for. As body adjusts and my heart and lungs get stronger I’ll be able to keep at that number while running faster. With all that said, if a year from now, or even 12 weeks from now this method of training fails me I’ll be the first to acknowledge it. In the meantime, this is what makes me comfortable.

Run 7/26. My Flip belt is under my shirt and it's making me look rounder than usual. LOL

Run 7/26/14. My Flip belt is under my shirt and it’s making me look rounder than usual. LOL

I’m not at a place to give you all types of tips to help you with heart monitor training but I hope to one day. In the meantime, you can check out this article from Runners World. In it you’ll find that there are benefits to this type of training even for experienced runners. Even ways to increase your pace by using heart rate monitor training. If that’s what you’re real into.

Have you ever tried training with a heart rate monitor in this way? What are your thoughts on heart rate monitor training? 


The Skinny: July 2014

Hi there, B.F.F.’s! I hope you all are having a great summer. I’m a little concerned that summer isn’t what when we thought it was given all the cooler days we’ve still been having. The hot days are still ahead of us. But it must be the last Friday Saturday of the month. Honestly, I wanted to give ya’ll more time to read Carly’s post on Making Races Fit Into Your Training PlanI was super excited that she answered my questions for me and now I’m not afraid to add more runs in as I go about my training.

The Skinny: July 2014

Sometimes it’s not just our bodies we’re comparing to others. Sometimes it’s the miles. That’s why it’s important not to get caught in the fitness comparison trap.

Still trying to figure out where you stand on how you eat. These 10 flicks might just change the way you eat. They did for Nicky.

Even if you’re not prepping to compete in a bikini competition this is a great food list. And make sure that you read all the other bikini comp posts…there’s some great info there.

I love some good asparagus and this recipe for Asparagus with New Potatoes looks like it would hit the spot. Especially when you add the eggs on top.

I’m not a fan of beans but maybe you are. But did you know that there are dangers to undercooked beans?

If there is anything I’ve discovered in my almost 45 years of life, it’s that nothing is really worth stressing over. If it’s stressing me on a regular basis it’s time to get rid of it. And the fact that stress leads to weight gain is just one more reason why to kick stress to the curb.

Speaking of stress, that can get to us sometimes. But it’s important to reflect on our plan and make sure it’s squared away with what God really wants for us. It’s important to look at Where We Stand, And Fall.

I’ve been to one blog conference and I want to go to more but they are hard on me. Networking is just something that doesn’t come natural to me. I loved this post on Networking for Introvertsit’s exactly what my introverted soul needs.

Sometimes other people’s reactions to our blogs can be so funny. And then I hear that Blogs Are So Last Year! Ummmm….okay. Find out what happens when someone tells you that.

Sometimes we get offers in our email that we don’t know what to do with. Perhaps they don’t fit your blog at all or the timing is wrong. These tips on how to turn down brands without burning bridges may just get you out of a tough jam.

That’s The Skinny for July. What are your weekend plans? Any good reads that I missed/