2014 Is About Focus #onewordresolution

I’ve been reflecting a lot on this past year. With fearless being my one word resolution for 2013, I pushed forward and got outside of my comfort zone. What’s nice about a one word resolution is that it’s not here and then gone. When you take a step each morning and think about how you’re going to use that word it becomes ingrained in you. Like a habit. Like breath. I will continue to live fearlessly but I will do it with focus.

focus #onewordresolution

I’m Real Into a lot of things but where is my focus? Where is my heart? How will I use that to be a better me. When I looked up focus on Merriam Webster there are many definitions of the word. As if focus were…unfocused.

to bring into focus I have many years to live in this world and many years that have passed. The years in the past seem like some sort of hazy dream where I just moved along not thinking about where it will take me. Or where it won’t. I want my future to be vivid. Clear.

to cause to be concentrated I love to learn. To discover something new. But have I really looked at something closely or looked at many things briefly? I want to learn through my experience; to have them etched upon my heart and soul so I can share with others.

This year when I make decisions I want to make them with purpose and focus. I want to think about why I’m doing it. Is it to please others or to please me? Will it make me stronger and healthier in body and mind? Or am I just chasing dreams that have no destination?

Ultimately the focus is on me. Not in a selfish way. In a positive and uplifting way. I want to focus on who I am and stop trying to emulate others. At 44, I’m ready to become a big girl. Maybe even a woman. To stop focusing on being the popular kid and focus on being the confident one. Confident in my skin. In my mind. In my home. In my life.

Before I close out, I want to provide a list. Not a list of resolutions or things that will fizzle out as the year moves on. A list of focus for the year. I make no promises of mastering these things today or starting them tomorrow. Only a promise to stay focused and move towards betterment. And to share what I learn with you.


  • To run a half marathon (or two)
  • To eat by the 80/20 rule (where the 80 is the clean part, and not the other way around)
  • To cook more
  • To plan menus


  • To blog with my heart and not with my pocketbook (although, I won’t turn down a buck!)
  • To share what I’ve learned in a positive way; whether good or bad
  • To not be afraid of my writing but to better it


  • To remember what holidays are really about and celebrate them with joy
  • To leave the mess in the room just a bit longer and not apologize for it
  • To hang curtains and claim my space. Make it mine but to be enjoyed by others
  • To remember the first day that I saw Jason on his sickest days and hold it in my heart
  • To give my grandkids memories that they can hold in their hearts forever


  • To go to church even though Jason is too sick to go with me
  • To spend more time bringing God closer, and less time pushing Him away


  • To focus on quality; not quantity

I hope that you will find your one word for 2014. The word that sums up who you are and who you want to be all in one. What is your word?

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