I Was Fearless in 2013

Ahhh…the last day of the year! While many have already reflected back, I like to save it for the last possible moment. What if something big happens in those couple of days? I could win the lottery or something (assuming I found a winning ticket on the ground). It’s not over until the ball drops in Times Square I always say. This year was my first year of doing a one-word resolution. Let me tell you, it was amazing to always have one word in the back of your mind. It made me do things I’d never dreamed I’d really do. And there was not guilt if something didn’t get done…because it was just one little word. One word that changed everything.

2013 Post


Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and take a deeper look at the highlights of 2014…


Baby Anna

My youngest grandbaby, Anna, was born on January 8th. The amazing story about how she was delivered by her father while he was driving a car can be found all over the internet!

My post, 10 Tips to Gain 400+ Pinterest Followers a Week, was featured on SITS. It still drives traffic to this day.



My little sister, being the awesome sister that she is, sent me to train with a Master Pilates Instructor. I will never forget what I learned in one short lesson!

I ran my third virtual race with Jill Conyers who always has something to give to the running community.


Union Zumba

I started teaching Core Fitness classes at a local studio.

More virtual races. (March was kind of slow for big news)


Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle

Verizon Wireless sent me to Chicago! It was the first time I went there on an non-work related event and got to enjoy the city. With my mom and Lucas (youngest). I also got lots of goodies from Verizon which I still use to this day. I heart my Motorolla Razer HD phone. Smooches! We had a great time.

Speaking of great times…I ran my first real race while in Chicago! It was the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K. The largest 8K in the world! I decided I would run forever after that.


I attended my dear virtual friend Joi’s first blog event, The Mini Blog Challenge Party.

I also attended my first Zumba Sentao class where I failed to actually take pictures. But it looks like the video above.



I got my first sponsor! The beautiful Kimberly of Manifest Yourself. Whoot!

Union Founders Day 10K

My miles got longer as I ran a 10K in my hometown and almost got my butt kicked by a woman old enough to be my mothers mother. Okay, she wasn’t really that old. But she was at least the same age as my mom!



Apparently I chilled this month according to my blog filter. Wait. Let’s check Facebook….

Well this is important, Jessi got Hello Kitty clothes from my MIL (a.k.a Grandma Barb). If you watch the video in the link you can hear Jeffrey the Cat crying non-stop because he doesn’t like the kids.



I became a Zumba Instructor. Then stopped teaching entirely. It makes sense if you read the post. Now I think I just wasn’t prepared to teach and shouldn’t have given up so soon.

I discussed 50 Ways to Fight Obesity and next year I’ll be ticking off some of those tasks.


VZWVoicesIt was my last month as a Verizon Wireless Ambassador. The program taught me so much beyond just getting free stuff. It was truly a wonderful experience and one of the top highlights of my year.

I had my SITS day!  Just submitting the application was a big leap for me. Fearless!



Matthew and Anna were baptized. THE most important thing.

I moved from Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress all on my own. I needed my big girl panties for that! Phew!



After some time off from running I woke up one day and decided I was going to train for a half-marathon. Because that’s the way I roll.

I went to one of the most amazing events ever as a guest blogger and got to eat all kinds of goodies in jail. And I still long for the homemade ramen.



I got a running coach!

Created my first YouTube Pilates Workout video! (Now for some shameless begging) Please subscribe to my channel! I have one lonely follower who I suspect may be my mother. Consider it my Christmas gift if you subscribe. I won’t ask for anything else for the rest of the year. hahaha!

Final Thoughts

I think this was a wonderful year of ups and downs and really stretching myself. Being fearless. I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings. To all of my virtual friends who have stuck with me through the year, thank you o-so-much! For all of my new virtual friends, stay tuned because who knows, I might wake up one day and decide to become a carnival clown. And you don’t want to miss that.

What was the highlight of your year? What is the one takeaway from the year. Tell me cuz I want to know!

27 thoughts on “I Was Fearless in 2013

  1. Bev

    Sounds like a great year for you! I have to say, my highlight for the year was having Eve. My one takeaway for the year was that putting myself outside of my comfort zone often leads to great things. Happy New Year, hope you have a wonderful start to 2014!

    1. Carla Post author

      I wouldn’t expect anything but Eve on your list, Bev! What a blessing!

      Totally agree with putting yourself outside your comfort zone.

  2. Tamara

    That story about the baby is amazing!
    I like your word. I like your stories. I think great things will happen to you in 2014 and I can’t wait to read about it.

  3. Kim

    You have definitely had a big year and done many things that totally demonstrate being FEARLESS!!!
    I can’t wait to see what all you have planned for 2014!
    I have loved getting to know you this year – maybe one day we will actually meet – we only live about 5 hours apart!!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Kita

    Love your list. Moving from one platform to another goodness glad I have someone to do it because I am technically challenged. I look forward to more posts from you in the New year and look at that baby so cute.

    1. Carla Post author

      It wasn’t that hard because the people at Bluehost were awesome with answering my question.

      I think Anna is adorable, too!

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  6. Kim

    Wow! You were fearless…and busy! I am exhausted just reading about all that you did! Congrats and I hope that 2014 brings you even more success! :)


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